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Improved Sailing Schedule in MED Region

We are pleased to introduce our revised and improved sailing schedule with the deployment of a Turkish flag vessel for the East Med corridor that started in November and will continue during the new year 2016. This new schedule is designed to create more connections on the very niche routes to/from Mersin with improved frequency and aimed to develop our service coverage as to meet our customers’ demand in the East Med.

The current tonnage making the West Med corridor will continue its present service scheme and with the new tonnage dedicated for the East Med corridor will give a better service frequency on the existing trade lanes from Izmir and the Marmara ports.

Advantages of the new service are:

  • Express link between Mersin and the Libya ports; Misurata & Al Khums with 5 days transit time is the shortest in the market
  • New link via Izmir (being the main hub port) connecting Mersin and the West Med ports; Bizerte / Annaba and Algiers with bi-weekly departures
    • short transit time between Mersin and Bizerte with 15 days and Algiers with 17 days
    • availability of special equipment: reefer, 40 ft Open Top and 45 ft PW equipment giving a better cubic capacity
  • Improved schedule from Izmir/Gemlik/Istanbul to Misurata/Bizerte/Annaba/Algeirs on the West Med service