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Boosting Environmental Efficiency on Finnish Roads

Containerships is currently operating a 5 axel volvo truck on finnish roads in order to provide the most cost effective contrainer transportation and reduce emmisions.

“Based on first experience of this truck, we can already see that it is fulfilling or even exceeding our expectations of efficiency. We are trying to maximize efficiency of the truck in such way that it is always having maximum number of containers / maximum weight onboard whether going to deliver laden containers from Vuosaari or bringing laden containers back to port.” says Tomi Piskunen, Transport Department manager in Helsinki.

Truck itself is a 76t new Volvo “road train”. Total weight of 76t means that there can be even 55 tons of effective cargo (incl. weight of containers) onboard: the truck can carry at one go even three 20′ units – or respectively one 20′ unit and one 40’/45′ unit. This new Volvo is EUR6 –class and equipped with high-tech Dynafleet –software which enables more efficient usage of truck than ever.

The truck itself is having 5 axels and it is pulling a container chassy that is having 5 axles as well. Chassy has hydraulic / moving block with allows loading of 20′ unit even to middle of the chassy.

In addition to cost efficiency, this truck is having 30% less emissions than conventional trucks (semi-trailers).