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Implementation of Road Toll Fees on Russian Roads

Please be informed that the “Russian Toll System- Platon” has been launched effective 15.11.2015.

The Russian authorities are collecting a mandatory toll fee of 0,025 €/km for the use of federal roads since 15.11.2015 for all trucks and have announced a fee of 0,050 €/km from 01.03.2016.Federal roads are equipped with traffic movement transponder technology and trucks must use corresponding radio transponders. Failure to comply with the legislation will lead to severe fines.

The mandatory toll enforced by Russian authorities thus leads to a cost increase beyond our control. We are forced to apply a toll fee for Russian import- and export-deliveries as follows from 15.11.2015:

  • Door Delivery St. Petersburg: 5 € / roundtrip*
  • Door Delivery Moscow: 40 € / roundtrip*
  • Other destinations: 0,025 €/km x roundtrip mileage*

* as from 01.03.2016 a toll fee of 0,050 €/km will apply

Containerships has taken all necessary measures to operate in full compliance with the new legislation and continues to deliver the most reliable service!

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