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Direct call to and from South UK

We are pleased to announce that Containerships is re-establishing direct service from and to southern part of UK.
To meet the increased demand from our customers Thamesport will be added to the company’s shortsea network. First call will take place on Friday 23rd of October, thereafter service will run on weekly bases.
Improved service will offer regular and fast connections with Germany, Finland, Russia and the Baltic States.

Connections East Bound:

  • Thamesport Friday >> Lubeck Monday 3 days
  • Thamesport Friday >> Helsinki Thursday 6 days
  • Thamesport Friday >> St. Petersburg ( Moby Dik) Friday 7 days
  • Thamesport Friday >> Riga Sunday 9 days

Connections West Bound:

  • Lubeck Tuesday >> Thamesport Friday 3 days
  • Helsinki Thursday >> Thamesport Friday 8 days
  • St. Petersburg ( Moby Dik) Friday >>Thamesport Friday 7 days
  • Riga Sunday >>Thamesport Friday 5 days
Consequently Tilbury service with transhipment via Rotterdam will be cancelled and all will be moved directly via Thamesport with improved transit times.
For real time information about our departures please check our online operational schedule.