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Containerships’ first fully-owned Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) refuelling station was commissioned 18th May 2017 at the Company’s depot at Haverton Hill, Teesport. The installation will be serving the Company’s growing fleet of LNG dual fuel trucks in the UK. The brand-new refuelling station endorses Containerships’ LNG strategy of operating Europe’s first LNG-based container supply chain in 2018.

Containerships’ refuelling station is a unique concept designed particularly for the Company. It is a fully mobile station utilising the transportable 40’ISO tank as the storage tank for LNG. When close to empty, the tank is simply exchanged for a full one, a quick process that reduces the transfer and handling of LNG and ensures seamless and efficient refuelling at the station. Sourcing and transporting the LNG to the station can be done from across Europe via Teesport using Containerships’ own vessels.

Containerships currently runs its own fleet of 40 LNG dual fuel trucks in the UK. In partnership with G-Volution the truck conversions and the installation of the refuelling station have been co-funded by the UK Government as part of Innovate UK’s low carbon truck trials. Additionally, a further 15 trucks will be converted to LNG dual fuel during the coming year. In total, Containerships will operate up to 200 LNG fuelled trucks together with the new-built LNG vessels in Europe by 2020.