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Introducing Road Toll Fees on Russian Roads

The new Platon system introducing Road Toll Fee on all Russian Federal Roads will come into force on 15/11/ 2015 and will levy charges on trucks over 12 tons with imiddiate effect.

All trucks on the roads will be automatically scanned and checked on the move by Electronic System. Fee of RUR 3,75  / EUR 0,05/km  will be automatically debited from special accounts opened by truckers exclusively for this purpose.

Fines for illegal (i.e. not pre-paid) traffic are very cruel. At the moment all Russian trucking companies incudign Containerships are busy registering in this System and sorting out the details and rules.

Containerships does not expect any considerable complications for our customers caused by this system but for extras which we’ll have to re-invoice to the customers on top of the current tariffs.

To give an example, approximate Toll Fee to be added to the current  tariffs are as follows:

Door Delivery St.Petersburg – 10EUR
Door Delivery Moscow – 80-85EUR depending on the mileage
Door Delivery Nizhny Novgorod- 135EUR

Detailed information about the system can be found via below link: