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Containerships new-built LNG vessels are under construction at Wenchong Shipyard. For the first vessel, steel cutting is completed for all blocks and 153 blocks out of 158 are completed and accepted. Half of the blocks are erected on the slipway forming already a large part of the vessel structure.

Steel cutting for the second vessel is completed for all blocks and block assembly has started, half of them being completed and accepted. Painting of the blocks has started in late July. For the third vessel, steel cutting started in May, and so far, 4400 tones have been cut. Steel cutting of the fourth vessel is scheduled for 11th August.

ME FAT (main engine factory acceptance test), the official test run at the engine maker’s facilities, is planned for the second half of August. After completion of the tests the engine is shipped to the yard and erected onboard the vessel in the slipway. Also, propeller shaft will be installed prior to vessel launch. After launch, building of vessel’s interior parts will continue at the outfitting pier. Launching of the first vessel is scheduled for the second half of September, followed then by keel laying of the second vessel on the same slipway.

Containerships is building a total of four LNG fuelled container vessels at Wenchong Shipyard, China. All vessels are scheduled to enter operations in 2018. In total, the Company is investing over EUR 150 million to build a logistics chain entirely based on LNG.

Below you can see images of Containerships’ first LNG vessel being built-up on the slipway.