Shares & Notes

Containerships plc is a family-owned company with share capital of €80,000. The Company has 118 752 fully paid shares comprising 114,002 class A shares and 4,750 class B shares. Each class A share entitles its holder to one vote and each full ten class B shares entitle their holder to one vote, subject to each shareholder having a minimum of one vote. Dividends are paid on class B shares as provided by the Articles of Association.

Containerships plc’s bond totalling €60.0 million was listed in Nasdaq Helsinki on 18 January 2018 (ISIN FI4000292172). The Company may issue additional bonds to an aggregate of €100 million. Notes are offered for subscription at a minimum amount of €100,000. The Notes bear interest at the rate of Euribor (3 months) plus 6.25% per annum. The Notes mature on 22 November 2021. The Notes are linked to Euroclear’s digital ownership register.

Funds from issued bond was used to repay previous bond (€50.5 million, fully repaid) and the remaining funds are used to general corporate purposes, including investments  and acquisitions.

Listing Prospectus (published 17.1.2018)

Terms and conditions (published 17.1.2018)

Signed bondholder notice (published 2.11.2018)

Letter to Bondholders (published 22.1.2019)

Notice to Trustee and Bondholders (published 29.3.2019)